The first day of the rest of our lives

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Hello Everyone,

I hope you had the opportunity to come and see
the Nostalgia Show at the weekend, what a great night out! Thank you so much to Bob Helleur and all the residents and staff involved in putting this wonderful performance together. If you didn’t see it, don’t worry, we hope to be able to show it on the big screen in a few weeks time!
November is going to be a busy month:
On Sunday 6 November, we are thrilled to have Westside Sounds here, a Chamber Orchestra, who will be performing in Seabreeze Lounge at 2.30pm, for around an hour. A gold coin donation to the Orchestra on arrival will be greatly appreciated.
The following Sunday 13 November, we have Bev Birch’s Dance School coming to perform, starting at 2pm. The dancers range from 3-17 years old. Again, the only cost is a gold coin donation for the group.
And then…Monday 14 November, we have Robert Steiner School students performing scenes from The Twelfth Night, starting at 1pm.
Around the Village:
The Air Handling Unit for the Pool Complex has arrived, and we are now working with the installers on organising delivery and installation. We are hoping this will be during the week commencing 31 October, but I will confirm all the details to you once we have the installation plan from the contractors. The Pool Complex will be closed during the installation, and it is very likely that some of the car parking outside the Pool (Seabreeze side) will be cordoned off;this is because we have to have a crane on site to remove the old unit and place the new one correctly.
The work at the cliff continues, and it has been

confirmed that we have 10 more drilling days left (phew!). I know this has been a trying time with the noise created by the compressor equipment, and I would like to apologise for this and say thank you for your patience. The next stage of the project is much quieter, with the steel meshing being placed onto the anchors, with re-planting to follow. As we complete this work, we will be working with those of you affected to organise additional cleaning.
This month, three more apartments in Manukau have been vacated; thank you for welcoming your new neighbours through the village. We have the final four more moves planned, all of which will be completed in time for Christmas. Shortly, our gardening team will be starting to re-locate plants from around Manukau to other areas of the village (you may hear Simone singing as she works!) in preparation for the work to commence mid January. Tree pruning work on the knoll is also planned for December, and as I receive more detailed information, I will advise further.
Our new Audio system has been installed in Seabreeze Lounge, with the new lighting to follow shortly. This week, the contractors have been testing and fine tuning the system.
I had some wonderful news from my son and daughter in law in Christchurch this week…turns out I’m going to be granny! So I’m going to turn my hand to knitting, which I haven’t done since my babies were born!
I hope you all have a lovely long weekend, and I’ll see you next week,

Theresa Henson
Village Manager

Pinesong residents must be aware that Guests to the village must be accompanied by a resident if using the pool. All the pool rules must be adhered to by them. There have been reports of unaccompanied resident guests using the pool recently.
Staff will ask them to leave the pool in the event they are reported. It should also be noted that the Gym is strictly for resident use only. Thank you for your anticipated co-operation.

Monday 24 October
There will not be a Village Bus to Green Bay and no Labtests.  The café will be open as usual. Reception will be open from 10am-7pm.

I would like to remind everyone that Pinesong has the ability to email your monthly accounts. So far 70 residents have made the switch to paperless statements, receiving them as much as 24 hours earlier than the paper variety.
If you would like to receive future accounts via email please let me know by emailing me:
Linda, Administrator

Geoffrey Hopkins has linked his weather station to the local 'grid' to give an even more accurate forecast. Take a look:-

Click on

- trains & ferries
Go to the page ON THE BUSES.
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Nostalgia 2016

What a great two nights we have enjoyed performing our 2016 Nostalgia show. Both nights saw the lounge full and from all the feedback I have received, it has been another very successful event. Special thanks to Bob Helleur for producing the show and all of his helpers, cast and crew. This trailer is for the video that is being produced at the moment and we will inform you as soon as possible of a screening date.

For photographs of the show to the page '
Nostalgia 2016'

Come along for a Sing-a-long around the piano in Seabreeze Lounge.
Everyone welcome.
Delywn Battersby, 817 8636

Pinesong’s non denominational Church Services
Where: Bay View Lounge
When: Sunday, 23 October at 3pm
Speaker: Rachel McQueen
Items: Children from Valley Road
Our speaker this Sunday is Rachel McQueen. Rachel has developed an inspirational children’s programme at the Valley Road International Church. Her school holiday programmes are highly sought after and all her children’s classes are vibrant. She will be bringing a group of her younger children with her to lead in various aspects of the service. . Join us also for our much loved hymn singing followed by a good chat over tea coffee and biscuits. A warm welcome to everyone.
Deryck Hunt 817 3755

Seabreeze Lounge at 2.00 pm Tuesday 1st November

$1, $2 and $5
Selling will commence in the Reception Foyer, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings at 10.00am until midday starting Tuesday 25 October and including Monday 31 October.
Sweepstake sales on the day 2.00pm until 3.30pm or as required to complete sheets.
Bar will be open at 2pm. BYO nibbles if wished
Come along and enjoy the occasion, all welcome: Residents, family, guests and staff.
Geoff Long, 817 7374

Time to organise
what you will be wearing for our
● Best dressed lady
● Best Hat
● Best dressed man
● Best dressed couple
● Best novelty hat; lady or man (let’s see your creative skill put to good use).
Make this an afternoon to remember, wearing your best and creative fashions! Any queries phone:
Margaret Kemp 817 4104, Sue Harris 817 6110

A Fish and Chip meal will be available following the Afternoon Function, costing $10.
Don’t forget to sign the sheet at Reception, please. This allows Naveen to cater accordingly. Winnings will be available at Reception Foyer the following morning between 10am and noon. Unclaimed winnings will be delivered by hand the afternoon of the same day.
Could you all wear your name badges on the day please. This will assist those selling and
help avoid any mistakes occurring.

The prize giving for the Table Tennis Doubles Championship will be on Thursday 27 October in the Table Tennis Room at 1.30pm.
Lois, Ken, Mary

and Sale will take place this year on:
Tuesday 29 November 10am to about 1pm
There will be the usual Cards : Knitted goods : Baking and lots of novelty and other items suitable for Christmas gifts etc.
If you wish to contribute to the items with crafty things you have made: eg embroidery, paintings, flower arrangements or anything else, please get in touch with us and we will arrange for a code to be given to you.
All sales have a 10% deduction which goes into the Residents’ funds, so your pricing needs to reflect this.
You do not have to handle any money, this will be done for your. Interested, ph: Fay Heywood, 817 0687
Pam Choat, 817 4826Delwyn Battersby, 817 8636

There will be no Bingo on Monday 31 October – due to Halloween Dinner. So you don’t suffer from withdrawal symptoms we will have Bingo on Monday 24 October (Labour Day). Fay Heywood, 4309 or 817 0687

The quiz will be on again in Bayview at 4pm on Saturday 5 November. Once again we will try it without a fee for entry, and hence no prizes will be awarded except the honour of coming first, or last, as the case may be.
In October I asked some questions related to quotes of personal insults and gave people a list of names to choose who said the words.My personal favourite was uttered by a sportsman: “What problems do you have, apart from being blind, unemployed and a moron?" Now who do you think that was – no clues I’m afraid?
A group of us will gather afterwards for our evening meal. You are welcome to bring your food and join us. The microwave is there to heat your meal if you need to.
We are planning already (well sort of) for our Christmas Quiz on Saturday 1 December with special prizes so mark the date. Tony Cross

I am trying to gauge interest in taking a bus load from Pinesong to the Messiah at the Town Hall on Monday evening, 19 December. I have several people who are interested but need more to warrant a bus. I would order the bus and you would need to book your own tickets as there are varying prices. If you are interested please give me a call this week so I can decide if there is enough interest. I will advise you as soon as possible if the bus is going. If I am not at home please leave a name and phone number and a brief message.
Liane Hume, 817 0476 or 6617

As it has not been possible to get a Speaker for October Residents’ Afternoon Tea, it has been decided to combine October/November Residents Afternoon Tea. This will be on Monday 28 November and will be our last one for this year.


Good morning everyone. I do hope you have been enjoying the fine spell of weather we have been having over the last few days. It certainly has been a nice change. Unfortunately nobody decided to take off their gumboots and put on the flat soled shoes to join the regulars on the bowling green.
Come on don’t be afraid we do not bite newcomers, rather we welcome them with open arms and we would love to see a lot more residents using the bowling green.
Not a lot to report this week except to remind all bowlers that entries for the Senior (Skips & Threes) and Junior (Twos & Leads) Singles close on Friday 28 October and the first round of both competitions will start in the first week of November.
As a matter of interest Pinesong will be entering two teams in the inaugural “Poynton Outdoor Classic 4’s” to be held at the Knightsbridge Village on Monday 31 October. Other Villages participating are: Evelyn Page, Settlers, Peninsula Club, Waitakere Gardens, Knightsbridge & Poynton. It should be an interesting day.
Have a good weekend everyone.
John Crow, Convener

Congratulations to Vel Fleming having been awarded a Green Belt in Tai Chi at Pinesong. Very much deserved. We now have three people with Belts in Tai Chi in our village.
Eileen Malim


The Kumfs Singles Trophy kicks off this week. Keep an eye on the board as there are some good matches ahead and a few TMOs and sideline refs are always welcome!
We welcome new players and suggest that anyone wanting to have a go contact me, other referees or current players and it is easy to arrange a time to meet up and show you how to play. Some phone numbers are on the notice board at the croquet “pavilion.” It is also a good idea to come down on Monday or Friday afternoon to watch and to have the mysteries of the game explained a bit before joining in if you have never played before! We play from 1-3pm.
These times are for residents only as our small area does not allow all our regular players to get a game without a long wait on many occasions. The area is available at any other time for other players and their visitors, friends and family except when there is a match scheduled. There are mallets and balls in the shed, also a shortened mallet for children to use.
Janet Cross, 817 6066


Please someone volunteer to manage the shop. If we cannot find someone we will lose this facility!

12 piece Chamber Orchestra
SUNDAY 6 NOVEMBER 2016 2.30pm
Please join us for an hour of wonderful orchestra entertainment

Volunteers Wanted
The University of Auckland is running a Hearing Study at Pinesong and needs people to volunteer for a free hearing assessment. We are doing this study because in New Zealand we have very little information about the hearing abilities of our older adults. This research project aims to remedy this, and potentially help improve the hearing services available to people that they may need as they age.
If you participate you get a free hearing assessment on site at Pinesong at a time to suit you. It doesn’t matter if you already use hearing aids or not. All results are confidential.
Interested? To find out more contact:
Pinesong Reception, ph 817 1800

Friday 4 November at 9am
The Mobile Ear Nurse will be at Pinesong using mico-suction to safely remove wax. Cost $50, approved ACC $35. Appointments available. To make an appointment contact Reception.

Free Styling by Fashion Designer
The amazing Sculptra Scarf can be worn in 25 different ways. Available in 24 colours, warm and portable.
Come and find out how to wear it to your body type!
Seabreeze Lounge
Wednesday 2 November 10.30am

TAI CHI – Ease stress and relax
I notice our numbers have gone down considerably, so if there is anyone new who wishes to try Tai Chi, come along and join us with our Master, Quintin Derham, who is a ninth Black Belt.
First class is free. Tai Chi is so good for balance and breathing correctly and is all done slowly.
Pinesong was the first retirement village in Auckland to have Tai Chi, we do not want to lose it. Our Master is very helpful if you have any physical problems, there is not much he does not know about the body. I personally can recommend it, as it has helped me to recover from a nasty fall I had – plus physio. The Physio has told me Tai Chi has been part of my recovery which is practised every day. One of our ladies is 94 and has been doing Tai Chi for many years. So come along and join in.
Also I would like to thank Vel Fleming for filling in during my absence from my fall.
Eileen Malim, Villa 401, ph 815 4146

One may be thinking that we’ve been a little quiet lately, but not so. In fact I had to engage the services of one of our Knitters to enable me to transport all the garments and rugs which we delivered last week.
On Monday I received a ’Thank You’ card from Angela which you can find on the notice board near the back door of Seabreeze in which she tells us of how our efforts are being used and appreciated. As she says “You really make a difference!”
With all the work we’ve been producing lately our stocks of wool/acrylic are looking a bit run down so if anyone has any yarn that has the ability to be transformed into baby clothes or rugs, please contact me and I will be happy to add them to our stock. Thanks to all for your continued support.
Anne Clarke, 817 8408

Spring is in the air and I for one am very happy about that. A reminder that we have assorted herbs which will be replaced with new soon, but please feel free to pick what you need. Silverbeet is coming on and could do with light picking down in the Bush by the Garden Shed, Parsley also and other assorted salad greens, like Cress etc. All these boxes are for every resident to use and would do better if we kept picking them as needed.
Lemons are abundant and some are leaving bags around for others and that is wonderful, I have put a basket in Reception on the table and please feel free to either keep the basket topped up or help yourself as required. If you cannot get to the boxes which are situated in Conlon Lane, The Oval and in the Bush by the Garden shed and you would like help to pick them please feel free to ring me and I will try and help you out.
Aileen Keery, 817 3399

We are so enjoying
the warmer weather and all the blossoms and green around us, I don't know about you but I love this time of the year, not too hot, not too cold.
Our next Garden meeting will be on Wednesday 19 October at 2pm. We always welcome new residents and our regulars for a chat and catch up. See you in Seabreeze down by the fireside end. If it is too loud with the Line dancing we can move somewhere else. See you next week.

Aileen Keery, 817 3399


The shop is a great asset for the village providing a range of packaged foods and toiletries priced the same as the local New World supermarket.
The current team are unable to continue their duties and we seek a new person or persons to take over the shop and develop it further.
Any resident who has an interest in this activity please contact:
Committee Secretary Geoff Hopkins
Villa 408 or ph 816 8067

Keep Your Freedom and Independence
Are you a member of the AA? Are you 80 plus? 
Did you know that you can book a FREE in-car coaching session? A few days ago I made use of this service and was mightily impressed. An AA driving instructor came to the village, we drove in my car for a whole hour while she observed my driving style. Before we took off she checked the following: 1) vehicle check, 2) cockpit drill, then while driving, 3) communicating and signalling, 4) car control, 5) hazard identification,, hints and feedback. My correct seating position was also checked. If this is for you: Phone 0800 223 748 or go to: and make an appointment. My instructor was Shifali Patel. The whole session was well worth the time it took. And pleasant!
Margaret Topzand, 817 3893

This recently published book written by historian Deborah Dunsford covers the history of Mt Albert, Morningside, Kingsland, St Lukes, Sandringham and Owairaka area. Pinesong residents with an interest in these areas will enjoy this beautifully illustrated and very readable story of one of Auckland’s prime suburbs. Copies available for $30 (retail will be approximately $50) cash only. Contact:
Vel Fleming, 816 8384

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:
— Ecclesiastes 3:1

We would love to welcome Pinesong residents to the Auckland Embroiderers’ Guild Annual Display of Embroidery to be held at the Onehunga Community House, 83 Selwyn Street. The Display is open from 10am to 4pm every day from Friday 28th October to Sunday 6th November. Entry is free, but a gold coin donation would be appreciated
Elizabeth Adams
President, Auckland Embroiderers’ Guild

This is a facility for use by all capable residents of Pinesong. Ladies this includes you, please feel free to avail yourself of a remarkable DIY area with a wide range of equipment.
To keep us safe, all users of the Blokes Shed are requested to follow our Housekeeping Rules. As displayed on the entrance door.
Only residents of Metlifecare Pinesong may use the amenities in this workshop.
Prior to using the workshop you must have signed an “Authority and Disclaimer Form”. These are available at Reception.
To gain access to the “Blokes Shed” only one key is available from Reception. You must have already signed an “Authority and Disclaimer Form” . You are then required to “personally sign in and sign out” for the key each time you visit the shed. Individual keys will not be issued.
If you have not yet used the Blokes Shed, please contact Evan Rudolph, Assistant Manager, who will orientate you to the workshop and the safety guidelines
If you wish to donate an item, please contact Evan Rudolph or Mark Leaf (Maintenance) in the first instance. Please do not take items directly to the Blokes Shed.
Please be aware that any donated item will become part of the facility and may be stored, used or discarded at any time.
Please respect other users:

Sharpen & Repair Co do a good job and will pick up and return the same day! They were well-known at Pitt St for decades, but now are based at 216 Dominion Rd.
Ph 379 2005, website:

Join for $15 until the end of year
Courtesy Van pick up and drop off $2 each
for full van of nine people
Need to know more on applying for your Membership Card, Members cash draw Thursday/Friday nights, Meat Raffles etc?
Give New Lynn RSA a call on 827 3411 then 4 to speak to Dale, Club Manager. Or call: Ray Warren 817 5500

Just reminding residents that the Friends of the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra subsidise a bus going to the APO concerts at the Town Hall. The cost is $10 return. The bus leaves from Pinesong and drops us off right at the Town Hall then picks us up from there after the concert and brings us back home. All for $10 – cheaper than driving and parking! There are two more concerts this month – on Thursday 21 July Love and Loss at 8pm and Friday 29 July Otello – Opera in Concert, starring Simon O’Neill at 7.30pm. There will be buses going to both concerts. If you are interested in joining us please give me a call and I can give you more details.
Liane Hume, 817-0476

We have a small shop in the village, run by residents to provide
non-perishable goods to save you going out to the supermarket
for just one or two items.
Items such as cleaning products, dry goods, cereals, biscuits, toiletries and batteries are available.
There is also a supply of craft items, cards etc. made by residents and suitable as gifts.
The shop is open from 10am to 12 noon on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Fresh milk is available from the café

713-715 Richardson Road
Open: Tuesday–Sunday
This café was recommended to us by a resident, so we ventured along Hillsborough Road, turning into Richardson Road, there was the Café on the left. It has been open for a year and is very clean and roomy. The staff were very friendly.
The variety of food was excellent, consisting of a large array of sandwiches, cakes and French pastries. Coffee was also good and the prices were reasonable.
We recommend that you try this café. If you would like to extend your outing, you could travel along Richardson Road to Weston Avenue where Kevin Kilsby’s Ceramic Studio is located. The garden is a must to look around whilst you are there.
Jean Piper and Mary Lovelock
817 9054 817 9552

This is a really wonderful combination of fresh fruits, sugar and rum, brandy or vodka which you marinate in a jar until the sugar has dissolved and the flavours have permeated the chosen spirit to make a delicious alcoholic syrup. It should be started now and will be ready for Christmas.
For every 1lb (500g) fruit you will need 8oz (250g) caster sugar and enough rum or other alcohol to cover the mixture.
The idea is that you start with the first fruits of the season and then work your way thorough strawberries, raspberries, red and blackcurrants, loganberries, cherries, peaches and apricots. Avoid melons and apples.
Prepare the fruits as for eating – pick over, hull, stone or de-stalk. Toss the fruits in the right amount of sugar and leave to stand for about 1-2 hours to draw the juices, then tip them into a Rumtopf jar or a wide necked jar with a lid – it must be deep enough so the fruit can be layered. Add sufficient spirit to submerge the fruit (press cling wrap on to the surface to keep the fruit under the alcohol), then cover the jar.
As you build up the layers of sugared fruit, always submerge them with your chosen spirit. After adding the last batch of fruit, store for at least a month before using, to give it lots of time to absorb the flavour.
To use: Spoon over ice cream; use to soak the sponge base of a trifle. They syrup can be served as an after dinner liqueur or added to a glass of white wine.
Note: you can use just one fruit if you like, for example strawberries, with sugar and rum.
E NEWS + +
To order your frozen meals phone 627-0700. There will be a $6 delivery charge which will be delivered direct to your door.
Powley Frozen Meals, ph 627-0700

Level 2 Seabreeze Care Centre
Did you know that you can access a wide range of care and support services directly through our team at Pinesong?

Did you know that many of these support services can be funded through the District Health Board?

If you feel you may require personal support services, either short term or long term, please come and talk to us. Leanne MacDonald (Care Services Manager) is here to help! We can work with your GP practice to organise an assessment through the DHB for funded services, such as personal cares, showering support or medication management. Personal care support is not means tested, and is based purely on an individual’s need.

Leanne and Celerina are also registered with ACC to provide nursing treatments, such as wound dressings if you have had a fall. There is no surcharge, so no cost to you. If you have an accident, please let us know so we can help with your recovery.

Did you know that on level 2 Seabreeze, we have a number of Suites available for residents to use, for services such as respite, re-cooperation or a short term stay if you are unwell and cannot care for yourself?
If you have a stay in hospital, and are ready for discharge, but not quite ready to go home, talk to us about staying in one of our care suites on level 2 Seabreeze where you will receive 24 hour care.

Details and costs of our full range of private services are available through reception, or on level 2 Seabreeze. We are always available to talk to you about how we can help now and in the future.

Sonja from ECARE will be visiting the village on Monday 17 October and 14 November from 10-10.45am for any resident that would like to revise the ECARE system or are new to ECARE. ECARE is where you take your own blood pressure and weight at the self monitoring station Level 2 Seabreeze, Care Centre.
Leanne MacDonald, Care Services Manager


Free Nursing Clinic – Level 2 Seabreeze, Care Suite No 10 on a Tuesday and Friday from 10.30-11.00am, no bookings required.

Leanne MacDonald
Care Services Manager

Wednesday 26 October

Back pain will affect at least 80 per cent of us during our lifetimes.  With millions being spent each year on managing the condition — much of it on unnecessary tests and entirely ineffective treatments — three leading back pain specialists separate the facts from the fiction with this very common but debilitating condition.
Bed rest is not helpful for back pain
In the first few days after the initial injury, avoiding aggravating activities may help to relieve pain. However, there is very strong evidence that keeping active and gradually returning to all usual activities (including work) is important in aiding recovery.  In contrast, prolonged bed rest is unhelpful, and is associated with higher levels of pain, greater disability and poorer recovery.
Back pain is common and normal Experiencing back pain is like getting tired or becoming sad; we don't necessarily like it, but it occurs to almost everybody at some point.  What isn't common, however, is not recovering from back pain.  Most acute back pain is the result of simple strains or sprains and the prognosis is excellent. Within the first two weeks of an acute episode of pain, most people will report a significant improvement in their symptoms with almost 85% of people fully recovered by three months.
Scans are rarely needed Both healthcare professionals and members of the public often consider getting a scan "just in case" there is something serious involved in their pain. However, all the evidence suggests scans only show something truly important in a tiny minority of people with back pain.
Back pain is not caused by something being out of place There is no evidence that back pain is caused by a bone or joint in the back being out of place, or your pelvis being out of alignment. For most people with back pain, scans do not show any evidence of discs, bones or joints being 'out of place'.  Of course, it is worth noting that many people feel better after undergoing treatments like manipulation. However, this improvement is due to short-term reductions in pain, muscle tone/tension and fear, NOT due to realigning of body structures.
Surgery is rarely needed Only a tiny proportion of people with back pain require surgery. Most people with back pain can manage it by staying active, developing a better understanding about what pain means, and identifying the factors which are involved in their pain.  This should help them continue their usual daily tasks, without having to resort to surgery. On average, the results for spinal surgery are no better in the medium and long-term than non-surgical interventions, such as exercise.
The perfect sitting posture may not exist
Should we all sit up straight? Contrary to popular belief, no specific static sitting posture has been shown to prevent or reduce back pain. Different sitting postures suit different people, with some people reporting more pain from sitting straight, others from slouching.  So, while slouching gets bad press, there is no scientific evidence to support this. The ability to vary our posture, instead of maintaining the same posture, together with learning to move in a confident, relaxed and variable manner is important for people with back pain.
Lifting and bending are safe
People with back pain often believe that activities such as lifting, bending and twisting are dangerous and should be avoided. However, research to date has not supported a consistent association between any of these factors and back pain. Of course, a person can strain their back if they lift something awkwardly or lifting something that is heavier
than they would usually lift. Similarly, if a person has back pain, these activities might be more sore than usual. This, however, does not mean the activity is dangerous or should be avoided.  While a lifting or bending incident could initially give a person back pain, bending and lifting is normal and should be practiced to help strengthen the back, similar to returning to running and sport after spraining an ankle.
Poor sleep influences back pain When someone has pain, a good night's sleep can be hard to get. However, it works both ways as sleep problems can lead to back pain in the future. In the same way that poor sleep can make us more stressed, give us a headache, make us tired or feel down, it can also cause or prolong back pain. Therefore, improving sleeping routine and habits can be very helpful in reducing pain.
Stress, low mood and worry influence back pain How we feel can influence the amount of pain we feel. Back pain can be triggered following changes in life stress, mood or anxiety levels. In the same way that these factors are linked to other health conditions like coldsores, irritable bowel syndrome and tiredness, they have a very large effect on back pain.  As a result, managing our stress, mood and anxiety levels through doing things we enjoy, and engaging in relaxation can be really beneficial in helping back pain.
Exercise is good and safe for back pain Many people with pain are afraid of exercise and avoid it as they think it may cause them more problems. However, this is not true. We now know that regular exercise helps to keep you and your body fit and healthy, and actually reduces pain and discomfort. It relaxes muscle tension, helps mood and strengthens the immune system once started gradually.
Don't pay more for 'back pain' medicines Some pain medicines have been promoted as specifically targeting back pain but that is not how they work. If you take a pain tablet your body has no way to just send the medicine to your back; or just to your knee if you have knee pain. As well, if you look at the medicine packaging you will see that the back pain formulation is the same as the osteoarthritis version and the period pain version and the headache version. You don't have to pay more for the back pain version.
Strong painkillers aren't the answer Many people think strong pain needs a strong painkiller. That is wrong. If you have a new episode of back pain you should start with a simple painkiller. Strong pain killers such as those containing an opioid do provide a little more pain relief, but not a lot more, and they have greater potential for side effects.
Ongoing or persistent back pain is different. Long term use of strong painkillers is rarely a good management option, particularly if that is the sole treatment. There are now some newer pain management programs that can help people with persistent back pain come off strong painkillers without making their pain worse.
If you are experiencing pain, your onsite Physiotherapist can help relieve the pain and get you moving again.  Talk to your Nurse Manager to make an appointment.
Anouschka De Gourley

With Kimberley Vautier
Internationally qualified and trained since 1987
Beauty Appointments
Hi from Pinesong Beauty Room. Thought I’d better I’d better let you know that if you require any beauty treats before Christmas, now is the time to book as spaces are nearly gone.
For an appointment call:
Kimberley, Ph 6649 or 817-1800, or 817-3606 after hours. Hours: Wed, Thur 9am-5pm

Facials 1 hr $58
Inclusive of a double cleanse, brow shape, exfoliation, facial, neck and shoulder massage, mask, moisturise and eye cream. A wonderful treat and your skin will love you for it.
Massage ¾ hr $43
Relaxing back and neck massage.1 hr $56
Manicures ¾ hr $38
Nail and cuticle care, hand and arm massage and polish. Keep your hands and nails in top condition.
File and polish $19
For a special treat.
Pedicares ¾ hr $43
Soak in a pedi spa, exfoliation, nail and cuticle care, dead skin removal, foot massage and polish. Don’t forget your feet need some TLC too.

Express Mani/Pedi ½ hr $29
Nail and cuticle care and dead skin
Great for those who find their feet seem
a little further away than they used to.
½ Leg wax $25
Full Leg wax $42
Bikini line $17
Underarm $17
Forearm $24
Lip and/or chin $14
Eye treatments
Lash tint $23
Lash and Brow tint $27
Brow shape (pluck or wax) $14
Lash and Brow tint and shape $29
Brow tint and shape $18

Raewyn Coburn who did her placement at Pinesong last year for her refloxology training  is now offering reflexology service for the village residents every Tuesday and Thursdays on level 2 of Seabreeze.  Anyone wanting an appointment please contact her directly. Her email address, mobile: 0211710807 or home number 8176089.

Labtests Time Change
Labtests will be here at 2.30pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Cafe & Restaurant

Sunday 23 October
Roast lamb with roast potato and steam vegetables $13.00

Wednesday 26 October Residents Barbecue

Friday 28 October Crunchy coated chicken breast with baked potato and
6.15pm steam vegetables
Pan fried snapper with baked potato and vegetables.
Dessert $17.50

Halloween Dinner

Monday 31 October at 6.15pm with live entertainment

Cream of Pumpkin and coriander soup

Choice of Main
Minted lamb shanks with bacon, chives, mashed potato and vegetables
Baked fresh salmon with mashed potato and vegetables


Restaurant Notice

Ordering a meal: Bookings are essential for Wednesday and Friday at 6.15pm. Meals should be booked at Reception before 1pm the day it is required. Meals outside of bookings are at the Kitchen Manager’s discretion.
Please order through Cafe for delivery or collection. Pick-up $12, dessert $2.50; delivery $2. Residents may collect these takeaway meals at 5pm from the Cafe.
Wednesday, Friday and Sunday dinners served seated in the Restaurant as usual.

Many thanks, Naveen

Congratulations to our kitchen staff

RAJ – Kitchen Team, was awarded Silver Medal in the
Barista Championship

NAVEEN – Senior Barista Championship, was awarded Bronze Medal

Next month Pinesong Kitchen are entering the New Zealand National Barista Championship

Weekly Dinner Menu 24th - 30th October

Pick-up $12, dessert $2.50; delivery $2. Residents may collect these takeaway meals at 5pm from the Cafe.
Wednesday, Friday and Sunday dinners served seated in the Restaurant as usual.

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Could you please arrange with Staff or Caregiver for the plates to be returned to the Restaurant kitchen. Thank you.

Information regarding the Café

Dinner is available every Wednesday and Friday in the restaurant at 6.15pm
(please order at reception)
Apart from once a month when there is the residents BBQ
We also have a Monthly Function once a month (will be advertised in Pinesong Press)

A variety of frozen dinners are available for collection at $8 (pls see café for availability)

Residents may also order a dinner from our weekly menu shown above.
These are either to be collected from the café around 5pm or we can deliver for a $2 charge

Sunday lunch only has to be booked if you have a large number of guests

Any queries please contact reception

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