The first day of the rest of our lives

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Hello Everyone,

I don’t know where this week has gone, it has just flown by! Tomorrow I am flying down to Christchurch for my eldest son’s engagement. The wedding is booked for May, so it’s going to be a busy few months leading up to the big day. Last weekend, I re-started my ballroom dance lessons, so have been twirling round the deck at home practicing my steps..…the dogs think I’ve gone mad!

Last Friday, Ken and I visited the Botanical Gardens, to look at the different plants and shrubs in preparation for ‘The Knoll’ project. It was a sweltering afternoon; we took masses of photos and came back with lots of ideas.

I’m pleased to be able to tell you that I haven’t had any further reports from other villages of security issues, but would like to remind everyone to continue being vigilant. If someone knocks at your door asking for bank or credit card details, please do not give any information and report this immediately so that we can assist you.

I hope you all have a lovely long weekend and I’ll see you next week,

Theresa Henson
Village Manager

I wish to advise residents that the area beside the car park, opposite Waterview Apartments, is no longer a car washing area as advised last week. I apologise for the error. Residents are encouraged to use the area beside the Blokes Shed as an alternative wash site.

Chubb will be testing the Fire Alarm system on Tuesday, 24 January.

A booking to view the tennis Women’s Finals on television in Seabreeze Lounge has been relocated to the Matai Room at 12pm. This is due to the regular movie feature being played in the Seabreeze Lounge. The tennis will return to the Seabreeze Lounge on Sunday 25 January. Evan Rudolph
Assitant Manager

- trains & ferries
Go to the page ON THE BUSES.

The next General Meeting of the Pinesong Resort Residents’ Association will take place on
Friday 13 February 2015 at 10am in the Seabreeze Lounge.
Any agenda items should be received by the Secretary by Thursday 5 February. Morning tea will be served at the conclusion of the meeting.
Shirley Wakelin
Secretary, Residents’ Committee

Monday 26 January
3pm Cafe area
To welcome, and celebrate Residents’ Birthday for the month of January.
Vern Walker will be our guest speaker. His talk today is: The Ups And Downs of a Travel Agent. In 1974 he travelled to Beijing and successfully negotiated with the Chinese for New Zealanders at large to travel in groups to The Peoples Republic of China.
During the Peter Snell era he was a leading track, road and cross-country runner. He is the author of two books: From Sailing Ships to Microchips (1769-2009).
His current release is Peter Snell and the Kiwis Who Flew, which he is still selling. Please wear name badges.
Hostess: Anna Long

Hello everyone. My name is John Crow and I have just been appointed to the position of Convenor of the Pinesong Outdoor Bowls Group. I do not have a lot of experience at Outdoor Bowls only taking up the game since coming to the Village at the end of 2012. However, I have played Indoor Bowls for most of my life and have lots of experience in the organisation of the game which should stand me in good stead for the role I have taken on in the Outdoor Bowls scene. I have become a very keen outdoor bowler and I don’t even have to leave home to enjoy the experience.
Firstly I would like to encourage all Village residents, men and women to participate in the game of Outdoor Bowls and you can be assured that you will receive a warm welcome from the existing members. We play every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday commencing at 9.30am through to 11am, weather and green conditions permitting. Reporting time is no later than 9.20am so that a draw can be done before play commences at 9.30am. In addition a small group of members play informally between 9.00am and 10.00am every other day and anybody is welcome to join us to get some valuable experience and even a few tips on bowling etiquette etc.
Also starting on Thursday 29 January we will be running Twilight Bowls each Thursday night from 4.45pm until 5.45pm through to the end of March and everyone is welcome to join us these evenings even if you don’t wish to join us in our morning sessions. There is a small supply of bowls of varying sizes available to anyone who doesn’t have their own bowls. So come on down and join us for a Social evening of bowls each Thursday.
Should anybody seek further information regarding the playing of Outdoor Bowls do not hesitate to contact me either by telephone 817-7568 or you may email me at I will try to give you a positive response to your query.
I plan to place regular updates in the Pinesong Press to keep you up to date on what is happening on the Outdoor Bowls scene. More next week.
John Crow, Convenor

As Monday 26 January is a holiday there will not be the DVD  class Trish Richards, 817-3758

We will be celebrating Australia Day on Monday the 26 of January with our usual flag raising ceremony.  The activity will get going at about 8.45am with the actual flag raising at 9am.  Let’s give them plenty of support as they are doing things a bit tough at present with the bush fires, the economy not looking to flash and the terrible terrorist activity in Sydney. I know we love to hate them, but they are our neighbours but we will feel pretty good when we beat them in the cricket world cup. Hope to see stacks of you there on the day.  Keith Burge

A Happy New Year to you all. It seems an age since we broke up for the holiday period. We hope Santa has been good to you and the New Year season has been a time of relaxation and good will. We have certainly been enjoying a warm start to the year, most of us with family and friends.
Last year I waxed eloquently on the benefits of gathering together on a regular basis to enjoy each others fellowship and simply make music together. These benefits are compounded as we get older; companionship, doing something with friends, meeting ongoing challenges and giving pleasure to others are only some of the good things that we Pinesongsters have on a weekly basis.
Choir Practices commence on
TUESDAY 3 FEBRUARY at 3.15 sharp in the Matai Room. Be there early to receive the first issue of music for the year. We are starting with a few old favourites and a couple of new numbers which will be an enjoyable challenge. In addition, music is currently on its way from England.
After practice some of our members traditionally gather for drinks and nibbles. How about we all make an effort to do this after our first sing?
Another date to diary is SATURDAY 14 FEBRUARY. Once again we are holding THE PINESONGSTER LUNCHEON in the Bayview Lounge 11:30am till whenever. All Pinesongsters, past and present, would be Pinesongsters, Family and Friends of the Choir are cordially invited. Details will be finalized early next month.
Remember every resident is welcome to join the Pinesongsters; we do not hold auditions and many of our singers do not read music. The start of a new year is always a good time to join. Come along on Tuesday afternoon 3 February. You can be guaranteed of a very warm welcome (there is air conditioning in the Matai Room!). Doug Lilly, ph 817-2199

404 JAZZ
Thursday 29 January at 7.15pm in the Matai Room
We start the year with A Moonlight Serenade in the Miller style and follow with 25 Years at the Cotton Club in Auckland. Come and enjoy. Al and Dennis

As from Friday 17 April, I will be relinquishing my duties in running the Pinesong Village Shop.
This will now need a group of new people to take over the running of the Village Shop, and therefore we are looking for volunteers.
Any interested residents please meet at the Fireplace End of Seabreeze Lounge on Monday 2 February at 10.30am.
If there is no interest in assisting in the running of the shop, the residents of Pinesong will loose a very valuable and convenient asset as the shop will have to permanently close.
Please give this your serious consideration.
Delwyn Battersby, 817-8636

Our first session for the year is on Friday 6th February, Waitangi Day. (Any time between 9 and 3) You are very welcome to come along to see what we do and assistance can be given to get started. As it is the first for the year we will be having lunch together in the cafe. We meet every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month.
Any queries phone: Lois 817-2199, Margaret 817-3893 or Pat 817-0570


Things are looking dry and badly needing some rain, so we keep our fingers crossed we get some soon. It's all about the watering at the moment and trying to plant would be a bad idea. So at this stage we are still aiming to have a meeting to talk about the Working Bee at The Oval.
The meeting will be on Thursday 5 February at 11am and the Working Bee hopefully for the 11 February.
Aileen Keery, ph 817-3399

Just a reminder to all our Tai-chi members that our classes commence on Tuesday 27 January, 8.55-9.45am. New members very welcome.
Eileen Malim, Villa 401. Ph 815-4146


Table tennis remains available for games on Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings for those who are around. Come and join the fun!
Lois, 817-2199

With the festive season over, I trust all had a happy time with family and friends. It is now time to resume our regular activities, and the Embroidery ladies will meet again on Tuesday 13 January at 10.30am in the Seabreeze Craft Room.
It is never too late to experience the pleasure of learning Embroidery, Cross stitch, Crochet and like activities, call in and you will be made welcome.
It will be interesting to see work in progress by our members, and see what we have achieved during the break. Give me a call–
Lurline Annan, Townhouse 203, ph 817-9154

Two dates for your diary
A welcome return to Zumba Friday 16 January 1.15 to 2.15pm $5; and the DVD Exercise Class Monday 19 January 9.30 until 10.15am, no charge. Hope to see you there.  
Trish Richards, ph 817-3758

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to the gold coin collection at the recent
Salvation Army Band Christmas carol service. The amount raised was $559, and was given in its entirety to the Salvation Army community services programme.
Deryck Hunt

The Happy Hour Bus will not be operating in 2015. We would like to thank the drivers who volunteered their time on Friday nights.
Janet Trainer
Geoff Long
Wally Martin
Mike Hogben
Ron Cartwright
Alan Whimp
John Morris
Thank you very much.
Mary Lovelock

The service will now operate fortnightly from 12 January. As 26 January is Auckland Anniversary there will be no library.
Titirangi Library Hours:
Mon, Tues Wed 9am-5.30pm
Thursday 9am-8pm
Friday 9am-5.30pm
Saturday 10am-4.00pm
Closed Public Holidays


Just to let everyone know that Book Club held on 1st Thursday of every month, has now finished for 2014.  Thank you to all our Members for the pleasure of your company for yet another year.
Looking forward to seeing you all again in 2015, re starting 5th FEBRUARY, 2015 at 10am, Bayview Lounge as usual.  Mark it in your diaries!!!
Happy Christmas and wishing a very fine and healthy New Year to all the Members and Residents and staff of Pinesong. Regards,
Davina McFarlane, 817-4242

The Lorna Stewart Triples competition final was won by Barbara Jarvis. We all suspected that it should be her turn to get her name on a trophy soon. The match was a nail-biting game that went to the last hoop. The other finalists were John White and Rex Phillips.
The presentation of prizes and end-of-year afternoon tea will be held on Friday December 5th at 3pm in the Fitness Centre. All players past and present are invited. Please bring a small plate to share.
Janet Cross, Apt 1 Manukau

The worst kept Mystery in the History of Pinesong.
But there is more, the real mystery being how were we going to get there? At 7pm on Wednesday night Ray received a call, the bus has broken down we can't get it fixed or find a replacement bus. You’re on your own mate. Ray picked himself up off the floor, slammed an Energizer in the pacemaker and hit the ground running. By midnight he had a partial promise of a bus. At 6am Thursday morning he received a call. Yup we can help!! What sort of bus? Mate it will get 49 people to where you want to go and the sun’s out. We'll take it. The bus turned up, after its early morning job. James our driver fitted in well and we took the Cook's tour to Villa Maria to see the winery, wine tasting. Then on to Manurewa for lunch and home. James sped off for his next job and he wouldn't be home till late that night. Thanks Ray for another enjoyable day. “On the Buses” is happy. Now 49 residents have experienced the joys of suburban transport. But do remember if you are involved in arranging transport and it is a toss up between “Howick & Eastern Buses Ltd” and another Co. Please give them the nod they made our day and were a great help to Ray with his emergency.
For more pictures of the trip go to
the page RECENTLY.
Ray Warren Apt 303 Seabreeze, ph 817-5500, Mike Hogben Villa 404, ph 817-1464

To order your frozen meals phone 627-0700. There will be a $6 delivery charge which will be delivered direct to your door. Not the $2 previous delivery charge. We are sorry for any confusion this may have caused.
Powley Frozen Meals, ph 627-0700

The charges for the New Zealand Herald are now:
Monday to Friday $2.40
Weekend Herald $3.20
Sunday Herald $3.00

Local 80 cents
Australia $2.00
Rest of World $2.50

Level 2 Seabreeze Care Centre
We have had several requests from residents to have a selected time for the Centre Clinic for consultations, blood pressure monitoring and wound dressings.
Monday through to Friday 10.30am- 11.30am and again 1.30- 2.30pm we will be available for consultation.
Weekends by arrangement – just phone and arrange a time.
Any queries don't hesitate to call us,

Regards Leanne & team
Leanne MacDonald
Care Services Manager

At Pinesong we have an activity programme that the Serviced Apartment residents enjoy each week day.  There are sessions from gentle exercises, through to arts/crafts, sing-a-longs and outings.  If you are a resident out in the village or are caring for a loved one who is unable to go out into the community for socialisation and you would like to partake in activities again, please feel free to phone me regarding session times and costs.
Currently I am looking at alternative activities for the programme at Pinesong.  Many of my Serviced Apartment residents talk about Probus and interested in other activities, hobbies and experiences.  So if you are a resident out in the village who has a special interest, hobbies, or have been on an interesting holiday and able to share that with others, please contact Skevi our Activity Coordinator in the Care Centre.
Leanne MacDonald
Care Services Manager

The Beauty Therapy Clinic will be closed from Wednesday 24 December until Wednesday 7 January.

Will be here
Tuesday 20 January
Anyone who would like an appointment
please contact Reception

Raewyn Coburn who did her placement at Pinesong last year for her refloxology training  is now offering reflexology service for the village residents every Tuesday and Thursdays on level 2 of Seabreeze.  Anyone wanting an appointment please contact her directly. Her email address, mobile: 0211710807 or home number 8176089.

Labtests Time Change
As from Monday 16 June Labtests will be here at 2.30pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Cafe & Restaurant

Wednesday 28 January

Residents Barbecue

Friday 30 January

Butter chicken with rice and vegetables
Pan fried snapper with baked potato and steamed vegetables.
Plated dessert $17.50

Cafe and Restaurant Prices

Wednesday night dinner at 6.15pm: $13.50 dessert $3
Friday night dinner at 6.15pm: $14.50 dessert $3

Naveen and Amanah have reviewed the café menu, and you will also
see some changes over the coming weeks.

Keep watching the blackboard, we hope you enjoy the new selection
and welcome your feedback!

Soup of the day: $6.50
Special of the day café lunch: $11
Fish of the day café lunch: $12
Sunday Roast of the day: $13.50
Frozen meals: $8.50

1 ltr: $2.60
2ltr: $4.60
Calci trim 1ltr: $2.80

Weekly Dinner Menu - 26th January - 1st February

Pick-up $12, dessert $2.50; delivery $2. Residents may collect these takeaway meals at 5pm from the Cafe.
Wednesday, Friday and Sunday dinners served seated in the Restaurant as usual

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Could you please arrange with Staff or Caregiver for the plates to be returned to the Restaurant kitchen. Thank you.

Information regarding the Café

Dinner is available every Wednesday and Friday in the restaurant at 6.15pm
(please order at reception)
Apart from once a month when there is the residents BBQ
We also have a Monthly Function once a month (will be advertised in Pinesong Press)

A variety of frozen dinners are available for collection at $8 (pls see café for availability)

Residents may also order a dinner from our weekly menu shown above.
These are either to be collected from the café around 5pm or we can deliver for a $2 charge

Sunday lunch only has to be booked if you have a large number of guests

Any queries please contact reception

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As the creator and manager of this website I have endeavored to portray the everyday life and activities of our village from the
residents' perspective.

Your comments and contributions are welcome and to this end I invite you to use the
'Contact Us' page.

Deryck Hunt